Introduction of VIDEXIM Holding Co.

The first company within the Videxim Group was established in 1983 as Videxim Trading Co.Ltd. and registered in Switzerland. The main target of this Company was to promote business relationship between East and West.

As first activity Videxim represented different Japanese and West-European companies in Hungary, Romania and Chechoslovakia.
The biggest customer by that time was the Japan based Matsushita Electric Company, whose National, Panasonic and Technics Brand audio and video products were succesfully introduced to the Hungarian market.

In the middle of 80's due to the high appreciation of the Japanese Yen compared to the USD, Videxim approached other Far-East companies: in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan as suppliers and established purchasing office in Hong Kong with the name VS HomElectric Products Ltd and also J/V contracted with one Hong Kong based manufacturer for producing small portable audio equipments under Nicosonic Brand.

By 1988 introduced a new line of small household appliances under HomElectric Brand and by the early 90's already over 50 different models of this category were on sales in Hungary, Chechoslovakia (later Slovakia) and in Romania.
For these activities own duty free zone warehousing facilities were set up, as logistical headquarter in the centrally located Budapest/Hungary,.

To widen the activities, Videxim Trading Co., Ltd. succesfully entered into the promising computer business by the early 90's and became the sole distributor of the USA based American Power Conversion (APC) companies' Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products.

To avoid the management organisation troubles within a widenly opened company, by the middle of 90's the above activities were reorganised and the Videxim Holding Co. has been set up to be responsible only for the main operation of the individually working satellite companies, who are enjoing flexibility and own decision rights under the technical, commercial, trade and financial back-up umbrella of the Videxim Holding Co.
Utilising this organisation Videxim also entered into manufacturing business and in 1994 has set up a Hungary based production plant for ferrite products (in Vac city) and later on another factory in green field investment for winding coils for different electrotechnical applications (in Tatabanya city). Through these products our affiliated companies are in connection with several end-product manufacturers in the USA, Philippines and China.

Recognising the shortages of the investment founds and cash-flow in the East European region, Videxim Holding Co. is succesfully cooperating in financing some local companies in Hungary, Romania, Albania and Croatia.

The satellite companies of Videxim Holding Co. are involved into several fields of merchandise trade: they are acting in fields of household appliances, home entertainment products, computer related businesses, bícycle and its parts, fittness equipments.
As manufacturing and servicing activities some affiliated companies are working in computer branch, with rechargeable batteries, in computer parts manufacturing, in electronic components production.

To these activities several own brand names are used, as registered trade marks, among of them:
HomElectric, Nicosonic, Tectron, MagicHoop, SLA batteries.

How to contact us:

Videxim Holding Co.

Office in Hungary: H-1137 Budapest, Szt. Istvan park 10. Hungary
Office in Switzerland: CH-8047 Zurich, Wydackerring 50. Switzerland

Tel/Fax: +36 1 339 0949
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